Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nail art Stamping Plates

Two weeks ago, i came across a blog by Sarah Lousie, and this was how i discovered the world of Nail Art Stamping Plates. Having seen the gorgeous nail art she has created i decided to do more research into these plates. On Sarah Louise’s blog, she mentioned a Transformers Plate and a Care Bears plate, which i immediately knew I had to get them both.

Firstly, i searched youtube, for a good tutorial on how to use the nail art stamps. The first tutorial i came across was by Miss80Million. I found her tutorial really helpful, she makes it look so easy. The second tutorial was by Chiqbelle and again she makes it look easy. So I thought I purchase some plates to find out.

I bought the Stamper and Scraper from a seller on Amazon, it was really quick delivery and even though it was coming from Germany, it only took 4 days from when i ordered it to when it arrived at my house. The following is a picture of the Stamper and scraper:


After seeing Sarah Louise’s Blog, i really wanted the Care Bears Stamping plate. It took some searching, but i found it on a Dutch website, Dashica Beauty Shop. ‘The plate is called SdP 3 and it cost just over 7 Euro and that included postage and packaging. The following is a picture of the Care Bear Stamping Plate:


The other plate i wanted was the Transformers Stamping Plate. I love the Transformers films. However, it would appear i hated them as a child, since i smashed my brothers toy transformer, into pieces. Don't worry, he got his own back, by hitting me over the head with a metal spade. Lovely children we were lol. Anyways, I found the Transformers Stamping Plate, on sale on Bunny Nails blog. It only cost 4USD i.e American Dollars, which was less than £3. Pretty good price.
The following is a picture of the plate, which arrived this morning:


The seller said, it could take anything between 16-21 days, but it arrived within a week, so i’m pretty pleased. The seller was really nice and even included a little thank you card to say thanks for buying from the website! This is a picture of my wee card:


I’m currently having problems with my nails as they are peeling a lot and breaking really easily so am trying not to paint them for a while.  But when I do get the chance to try out the stampers, i will do a little blog post on them. 

Anyone else try these Stamping plates?


  1. These things actually bewilder me :|
    Send me some pics when you start using them :)


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