Thursday, 31 January 2013

Magnetic nail art rods

 Recently i received a little parcel in the post from my awesome big brother Aaron. It turned out to be a set of four Magnetic nail art rods:

I have previously blogged about using Barry M magnetic nail polish. So i used the Barry M magnetic nail polish and decided to use the rods that Aaron had bought me. This is how it turned out:

I don't think it turned out too badly for a first attempt. Though i will admit i do need a bit more practice at using the magnets for this kind of nail art.

Has anyone else been creating magnetic nail art using these or products similar to these magnetic rods?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Claire's Accessories nail art stamping plates

 Claire's Accessories are now selling nail art products such as Pearl manicure sets and stamping nail art kits. Before Christmas i purchased one of the pearl manicure sets and one of the stamping kits. 

I forgot to take a photo of the stamping kit in its original packaging, please forgive me. The kit consists of 3 plates, a stamper, a scraper and a special white nail polish. Each plate comes with a protective layer on top to stop them getting scraped or damaged, which needs to be removed before using them.

This is the 3 plates i got in my stamping kit:

And here is some close ups of each of the plates: 

Plate One

Plate Two

Plate Three

I painted my nails using Revlon's Matt Suede Emerald City nail polish:

And so far I have tested two of the designs on plate one; the bow and the stars. this is how they turned out:

The plates were very easy to use and the designs lifted perfectly from the plate, onto the stamper and onto my nails. There are a few different stamping kits that are sold by Claire's Accessories and i can't wait to buy the rest.

Has anyone else tried the nail art stamping kits from Claire's Accessories?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


My mum got two nail polishes in one of the Christmas crackers i made her for Christmas and wanted to wear them both. So, i decided to use the No.7 colour as the base and then used the Avon Lucky Penny nail polish to do a strip. This is what she wanted me to do. I wasn't overly keen on it to be honest and neither was my brother, but its what she wanted and she liked it:

What does everyone else think of this?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Twist and Out

Following the release of the Bourjois magic nail polish remover, priced at £4.99, several other companies have released their own version of this product.

On a recent trip in a Savers chemist in Magherafelt, i noticed a product similar to the Bourjois magic nail polish remover. It was called Twist and Out:

And priced at 75p, how could i refuse to try this! I was skeptical at first, thinking, that at that price, it wouldn't be worth much, but i put my hands up and admit i was totally wrong! This has to be one of the best bargains i have bought recently! It doesn't dry out my nails like normal nail polish remover does. I even managed to convince my mum to try it and this is how her nails looked after using it:

 Instead of drying out the nails, it leaves a shine on them. The only downside to this product is it has quite a strong smell to it, so i would advise using it in a well ventilated room.

Has anyone else tried this product or a similar one?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Snowmen nail art

My mum and my aunt both have an obsession with  snowmen. So, on Christmas day, i attempted to do some snowmen on my nails. I used Models Own Blue Moon for the base colour and then using white Barbara Daly nail polish from Tesco and black and orange nail art pens, i drew the snowmen.

Did anyone else do some snowmen nail art over Christmas?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Janchristie christmas nail art stickers

I don't think i will ever stop being a fan of the lovely ladies at janchristie. i have a huge collection of their nail art stickers because they are great quality stickers, really easy to use, and of course, the stickers are pictures of cute animals! In early December, i purchased some Christmas themed nail art stickers and wore them on a night out in Derry with the girlies.
I picked the grey tabby and the robin Christmas stickers:
For the glitter on my thumb nail, i used a lovely Models own red glitter on top of a red by Collection 2000. Did anyone else purchase some Christmas nail art stickers from janchristie or anywhere else?