Thursday, 31 May 2012

Toe Nail Art - Smiley Faces

I have always loved Smiley Faces. As a young girl, i absolutely LOVED them! I have no idea why, but i had several necklaces and keyrings with smiley faces on them.

Since i am trying to let my nails recover, and not paint them for a week or two, i decided to paint my toe nails when out sunbathing last weekend. And what better way to relive my childhood, than paint smiley faces on my toe nails.

I used Rimmel’s Sunshine nail polish, number 055 for the base:

2012-05-31 15.28.16

And then used my black nail art pen to draw on a smiley face, which isn’t the easiest thing to do, since your working upside down. Here’s a picture of how they turned out:


Anyone else do any good toe nail art?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nail art Stamping Plates

Two weeks ago, i came across a blog by Sarah Lousie, and this was how i discovered the world of Nail Art Stamping Plates. Having seen the gorgeous nail art she has created i decided to do more research into these plates. On Sarah Louise’s blog, she mentioned a Transformers Plate and a Care Bears plate, which i immediately knew I had to get them both.

Firstly, i searched youtube, for a good tutorial on how to use the nail art stamps. The first tutorial i came across was by Miss80Million. I found her tutorial really helpful, she makes it look so easy. The second tutorial was by Chiqbelle and again she makes it look easy. So I thought I purchase some plates to find out.

I bought the Stamper and Scraper from a seller on Amazon, it was really quick delivery and even though it was coming from Germany, it only took 4 days from when i ordered it to when it arrived at my house. The following is a picture of the Stamper and scraper:


After seeing Sarah Louise’s Blog, i really wanted the Care Bears Stamping plate. It took some searching, but i found it on a Dutch website, Dashica Beauty Shop. ‘The plate is called SdP 3 and it cost just over 7 Euro and that included postage and packaging. The following is a picture of the Care Bear Stamping Plate:


The other plate i wanted was the Transformers Stamping Plate. I love the Transformers films. However, it would appear i hated them as a child, since i smashed my brothers toy transformer, into pieces. Don't worry, he got his own back, by hitting me over the head with a metal spade. Lovely children we were lol. Anyways, I found the Transformers Stamping Plate, on sale on Bunny Nails blog. It only cost 4USD i.e American Dollars, which was less than £3. Pretty good price.
The following is a picture of the plate, which arrived this morning:


The seller said, it could take anything between 16-21 days, but it arrived within a week, so i’m pretty pleased. The seller was really nice and even included a little thank you card to say thanks for buying from the website! This is a picture of my wee card:


I’m currently having problems with my nails as they are peeling a lot and breaking really easily so am trying not to paint them for a while.  But when I do get the chance to try out the stampers, i will do a little blog post on them. 

Anyone else try these Stamping plates?

Monday, 14 May 2012

More JanChristie nail art stickers

In a previous post, i mentioned that i had won the JanChristie facebook competition, where i received Snarling Tiger and Rose nail art stickers. Just thought i would post a picture of me wearing the Snarling Tiger nail art stickers, when i put them on, on saturday night (when rushing to get ready for a friend's 21st birthday party):

Last weekend I purchased more nail art stickers from the JanChristie website as they had a special offer on for the bank holiday. I ordered the following nail art stickers:


Husky Dog
Chestnut Horse

Grey Tabby Cat with white blaze

Then, with the special offer, i got two sets of nail art stickers free:

Majestic Lion

Relaxing Tiger

When ive used them all, i will do another post to show how they look when on my nails.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Using sellotape

Sellotape comes in real handy when trying to do some nail art. I found the following 2 pics on my phone, of nail art, where i have used sellotape to do some quick nd easy designs:

This first picture i used Collection number 218 and Collection's Black nail polish:

In this second nail art, i cant remember what nail polishes i used, but again, the use of sellotape came in handy:

Sunday, 6 May 2012

blog title explained

Ive just thought of what my very first blog should have been! I should have explained my blog title! One of my favourite shows is Life on Mars. In this programme, which is set in the 1970's, one of the main characters is called Gene Hunt. I <3 Gene Hunt and all the funny quotes there is from that show.

Below is a pic of the one and only Gene Hunt:

And now, for some of the best Gene Hunt quotes:

  • They reckon you've got concussion - I couldn't give a tart's furry cup if half your brains are falling out. Don't ever waltz into my kingdom acting king of the jungle.
  • Gene Hunt. Your DCI. And it's 1973. Nearly dinner time. I'm 'aving 'oops.

  • Drop your weapons! You are surrounded by armed b*****ds!

  • Always trust the Gene Genie!

  •  I don't like this. Gene Hunt smashes doors down, he does not pick girlie locks!

  •  I know what blood group he is, A-Rhesus-Smug.

  •  It doesn't take a degree in applied bollocks to know what's going on!

  • And I'd like my boot to explore your jacksie, come on Tyler, where's the evidence you're so fond of?
Can anyone else think of any?

JanChristie Designer Nail Art

Anyone who knows me will know that i love animals, and in particular, Dogs. We had our wee dog Tiff for 14 years and sadly we had to put her to sleep on 25th May 2011 as she had cancer and it had spread. It broke my heart and I still miss her  :(  I regularly read Gem's blog and one day she blogged about nail art stickers from JanChristie on ebay. I had a wee nosey on their ebay and noticed that they mentioned they could turn any photo into nail art stickers. So of course i immediately thought of asking them to make nail art stickers for me, of my wee Tiff.

Again, anyone who knows me, knows i take A LOT of photos, so it was difficult to choose one photo of Tiff to send to them. I eventually narrowed it down and chose this photo of Tiff, sitting on her bed, with the teddy i gave her when we found out she was sick again and that her cancer had returned:

JanChristie were very quick in sending me out the nail art stickers and i have to say i am extremely pleased with the results:

So, i decided to use them, immediately. lol. I painted my nails, again using Miss Sporty, number 330 and Rimmel number 730 and painted paw prints onto all but 2 nails, onto which i placed the nail art stickers:

These Nail Art Stickers are fantastic. Ive had them on for 8 days so far, and they are still perfect! Ive had to redo the paw prints as they have chipped in work, but the Nail art stickers are still in perfect condition.

They recently had a competiton on facebook, of which i was one of five winners :)  This is what i won:

They recently launced the JanChristie website and i would definitely recomment them. You should check out the Bank Holiday special offer they have on atm :)

Barbie Pink!

As a young girl, my favourite colour was pink. Everything had to be pink! Although my favourite colours are now purple and green, i still have a soft spot for pink. I was shopping in tesco with my mum one sunday just before my brithday (2nd April) and saw this pink nail varnish. It instanly took me back to memories of playing with barbie dolls! :)
I think this is the ultimate Barbie Pink!. It is by Tesco's own makeup range - Barbara Daly and is called Sizzler:

Heres how it looks when on:

It instantly made me feel really girly for wearing it! :)

After a few days of wearing the nail varnish, it began to chip (though i do work in a spar and an off-licence, so that was gonna happen eventually)  so, i decided to do a little art, using No 7's Poolside blue, number 310:

And here was the final result:

Different designs part 2

For my next attempt at doing my nails, i used Rimmel again, but this time, a lovely blue colour, number 198, called Azure:

And again, i have a variety of different designs done on both hands, on my left hand I attempted Zebra stripes, paw print, and X and O's:

On my right hand, it was mainly different stripes and a blue lady bug :)

St. Paddys Day

St.Paddys day is a big day in Ireland, whether  you live in the North or South, it is widely celebrated, by both religions. St.Paddys day 2011 brings back memories, of us walking up, one of the many steep hills in Derry around 10am, me handing my friend a sports bottle and saying do you want a drink of apple juice. Silly girl believed me. It was infact Apple Sourz :)  yum! Unfortunately this year i had to work in the offy, so in the spirit of the day, i put on my lovely green hoodie and painted me nails.

The following photo is of my lovely green hoodie. This is me wearing in when camping up the Mourne Mountains last july for my friend Garys birthday. He loved the Mario cake i bought him:

My friend Claire also compared to a character Tonberry that day:

Anyways, back to St.Paddys day 2012, so, i painted my nails using Barry M Emerald Green, number 284 and Rimmel, Silver bullet, number 730:

I hope you like my attempt at drawing a shammrock on my nails :) 

Love love love Barry M nail varnish and all the different colours they have!

Paw prints

Anyone who knows me, knows i love animals, and in particular, Dogs. Again, i used the Miss Sporty numbr 330 for the bottom colour and then drew on the paw parints:


Next came my first ever matte nail varnish! :)  I used Avon Matte grey cement:

Avon had a special offer on their Matte nail varnishes and so i bought 5 different colours at the one time and have to say ive become a big fan of Matte nail varnish! :)

Lady Bug

One of my favourite and i think its by far the easiest nail art to do, is the lady bug! Was shown how to do this by my good friend Claire (Check out her blog, its awesome!).  Ive done my nails in Lady bug, so many times now, as its so quick and easy to do. For my first attempt, i used Collection number 218.

I love this colour, however, i have to admit that it stains the nails! i stupidly forgot to paint my nails with a clear base coat before using this red nail varnish and was left with yellow nails after removing the nail polish :(

Diffferent designs

For my second attempt at some nail art, I used Miss Sporty Number 344 for the base colour:

And then i attempted the following nail art:

For my third attempt at doing some nail art, i again went for the Miss Sporty range, but this time used Number 330 for the base colour:

And this was my next attempt at some nail art:

I have to say i really like the Miss Sporty range of nail varnish. It maight be cheaper than other nail varnishes, but it does last quite a while! :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Have a look at the  Hello Cotton website. it was recently recommended to me by my friend, fellow blogger and expert nail artist, Claire.
Okay, so its time for my first ever blog! Not really sure where to start of! lol.  Think I will start with some photos of nail art ive done in the past. Please excuse the quality of the photos as they were taken with the camera on my phone, which isnt the best.

 I got my Nail art pens at christmas for about £18.95 , it was a set of 60 nail art pens on ebay. The seller provider a variety of colours and some glitters ones too and the delivery was very quick. i would recommend this seller.

This first pic is of the first ever nail art i done on my nails: