Monday, 14 May 2012

More JanChristie nail art stickers

In a previous post, i mentioned that i had won the JanChristie facebook competition, where i received Snarling Tiger and Rose nail art stickers. Just thought i would post a picture of me wearing the Snarling Tiger nail art stickers, when i put them on, on saturday night (when rushing to get ready for a friend's 21st birthday party):

Last weekend I purchased more nail art stickers from the JanChristie website as they had a special offer on for the bank holiday. I ordered the following nail art stickers:


Husky Dog
Chestnut Horse

Grey Tabby Cat with white blaze

Then, with the special offer, i got two sets of nail art stickers free:

Majestic Lion

Relaxing Tiger

When ive used them all, i will do another post to show how they look when on my nails.


  1. These look pretty cool missus, I must get a snoop around their site soon

  2. they have a huge variety and they are really cheap! a sheet of 24 sticker is £1.80! :)

  3. Those look really neat - I especially love the robins/think they would look really pretty as nail art!

  4. i'l; put a pic up of them when ive tried them out. im thinking og buying a set of the robin for my nan as she loves robins!


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