Thursday, 18 October 2012


This was another mani i done using sellotape. I started by painting all my nails whote and then when they were completely dry, sticking on small pieces of sellotape and then painting my nail in either pink or blue. The next step was to remove the sellotape. This was the result:

Has anyone else been using sellotape to do some cute nail art?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


What girl doesnt love a bit of glitter in her life, and what better way to have some glitter, but on her nails. i decided to use some glitter nail polishes, which has the following result:

Back in July i bought a 3 pack of mini Models Own glitter nail polish in green red and blue. I havent used them yet, but im really looking forward to using them at Christmas. The only thing i dislike about glitter polish, is that its so hard to remove!

Has anyone else been doing glitter nails?

Has anyone got any tips on removing glitter nail polish?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pastel Colours

I decided to paint my nails using some pastel colours after being inspired by an advert advertising the pastel colours of the Models Own range. I used a range of colours from Maxfactor, Barry M, Avon and Miss Sporty.

I love using pastel colours and was so happy with the result, that i decided not to create any nail art designs.

Has anyone else been using pastel colours lately?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crackle / Croc effects

I've had the Barry M Crackle effects nail polish for a while and after shopping in Superdrug and purchasing the Croc Effect Nail polish, I thought I would do a blog posting about them all.
I used the Croc Effect polish on my thumb nail and then the pink, purple, white and blue crackle effects on my other nails.

I love all of Barry M nail polishes, and of the 5 i have used here, i love the croc effect the best and the blue crackle effect.

Has anyone else tried the croc effect and crackle effects nail polish?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I decided to try and create some pok-a-dot nails, but using 2 different colours. I didnt like my first attempt at it:

And so i decided to try again:

And heres what i used to create the second look:

What do you think of these? and has anyone else been doing pok-a-dot nails recently?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sweeties inspired nail art (Skittles)

I was in work one day and while packing out sweets, i was thinking of what nail art i could do next. At this point i happened to be packing out Skittles and so the idea of creating nail art based on the sweets came to mind. This is how my nails turned out:

And this is me holding a packet of the skittles:

To create this nail art i used the following nail polishes, and drew the 'S' on using a white nail art pen:

  • Collection 2000 number 218
  • Stargazer number 103
  • Rimmel number 055
  • Stargazer number 101
  • Collection 2000 number 144
What do you think of these?