Thursday, 26 July 2012

Barry M Chamelon

Day one of the nail challenge arrived and i decided to test out one of my new nail polishes - Barry M Chamelon. Below is a picture of the bottle and what it looks like when on your nails:

According to the bottle, all i needed was a top coat of clear nail varnish to change the colour of the nail polish. I have to admit, i was a little skeptic, but Barry M has a reputation for good nail polishes so i knew it should work. And it did! I used Collection cosmetics clear nail polish to do different designs on my nails and the colur of the polish changes instantly. Below is a picture of my final result:

I really liked this effect and after seeing how it worked i went and bought the blue nail version, which turns pink, though ive not tried it yet.

Has anyone else tried any of the Barry M Chamelon nail polishes? 

Nail Challenge

I had decided to set myself a nail challenge and try to do different nails every day, but when some of my days, im working 8-3pm and then 4-10.30pm it doesnt leave me with much time. So i decided to change it so i am doing different nail every other day. Unfortunately my laptop had to be sent back to HP due to 'immenient hard drive failure' so, i wasnt able to blog for 3 weeks! :(  But i did continue with my nail challenge. So im going to try and blog every day for the next while to catch up with the nail challenge.

Garnier 7 day challenge

I recently took part in the Garnier Intensive 7 day challenge and i have to recommend this product. Its something i will definitley be buying in the future. You can apply for a free sample here. I didnt really stick to using it every day as i didnt really feel i needed to. The skin on my legs and arms had gotten quite dry and flaky and my usual moisturisers werent working. Then Claire recommended this sample. It couldnt have arrived at a better time.

You receive 7 samples and before using them, they ask that u use a skin reader, which shows you how dry your skin is. Immediately after applying the first sample, i could see the effects. After that, i applied the samples every couple of days, so instead of doing it over 7 days, i really done it over 2weeks. But my skin is so soft and smooth that i didnt need to use it everyday. After you have used all 7 samples, they ask that you use the second skin reader.

Heres how my two skin readers looked:

You can clearly see how much dry skin i had before using it and how little i had, after using the samples. I would definitely recommend it! Now i have lovely soft legs for going out on sat night :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Final of the Collection Nail Art Competition

I was recently contacted by the Collection team, to say i had made it into the final of their Olympics nail art competition :)

There are five finalists in total and a photo of each of our nail art has been uploaded to the Collection facebook page. Until mon, anyone on facebook, can look at the finalists nail art and vote for who they like the best, by simply liking the photo they want to vote for.

This is a photo of my nail art:

So, now i would like to ask, that if you like my Olympics nail art and wish to vote for me, click here to vote for me.

Thank you

Nic x


I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Olympics Nail Art competition. I came in 3rd place, so im really happy. The Collection Cosmetics team have emailed me asking for my address to send me a prize :)