Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nail Challenge

I had decided to set myself a nail challenge and try to do different nails every day, but when some of my days, im working 8-3pm and then 4-10.30pm it doesnt leave me with much time. So i decided to change it so i am doing different nail every other day. Unfortunately my laptop had to be sent back to HP due to 'immenient hard drive failure' so, i wasnt able to blog for 3 weeks! :(  But i did continue with my nail challenge. So im going to try and blog every day for the next while to catch up with the nail challenge.


  1. So exciting - can't wait to see the pics;-)

  2. aww thanks missus. doing a post atm about the Liebster award i was nominated for hen going to do the 2nd post of my nail art challenge :) x


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