Sunday, 6 May 2012

JanChristie Designer Nail Art

Anyone who knows me will know that i love animals, and in particular, Dogs. We had our wee dog Tiff for 14 years and sadly we had to put her to sleep on 25th May 2011 as she had cancer and it had spread. It broke my heart and I still miss her  :(  I regularly read Gem's blog and one day she blogged about nail art stickers from JanChristie on ebay. I had a wee nosey on their ebay and noticed that they mentioned they could turn any photo into nail art stickers. So of course i immediately thought of asking them to make nail art stickers for me, of my wee Tiff.

Again, anyone who knows me, knows i take A LOT of photos, so it was difficult to choose one photo of Tiff to send to them. I eventually narrowed it down and chose this photo of Tiff, sitting on her bed, with the teddy i gave her when we found out she was sick again and that her cancer had returned:

JanChristie were very quick in sending me out the nail art stickers and i have to say i am extremely pleased with the results:

So, i decided to use them, immediately. lol. I painted my nails, again using Miss Sporty, number 330 and Rimmel number 730 and painted paw prints onto all but 2 nails, onto which i placed the nail art stickers:

These Nail Art Stickers are fantastic. Ive had them on for 8 days so far, and they are still perfect! Ive had to redo the paw prints as they have chipped in work, but the Nail art stickers are still in perfect condition.

They recently had a competiton on facebook, of which i was one of five winners :)  This is what i won:

They recently launced the JanChristie website and i would definitely recomment them. You should check out the Bank Holiday special offer they have on atm :)


  1. Awww these are so sweet. Fab that they're personalised too! xx

  2. Aww thanks :) had a wee nosey at your blog there, loving it! Nic x

  3. That is such a touching story about Tiff, the same story was with my dog hence why I did my nails similar too! x

  4. Aww sorry to hear that about your wee dog, was it a wee beagle like the nail art stickers you posted on ur blog? x

  5. Nic this is such a lovely post; and the design came out so well! your little doggy was such a cutie! :) xx

  6. aww thanks missus, was really chuffed at how well they turned out. Janchristie are really good at what they do! xx


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