Sunday, 6 May 2012

Barbie Pink!

As a young girl, my favourite colour was pink. Everything had to be pink! Although my favourite colours are now purple and green, i still have a soft spot for pink. I was shopping in tesco with my mum one sunday just before my brithday (2nd April) and saw this pink nail varnish. It instanly took me back to memories of playing with barbie dolls! :)
I think this is the ultimate Barbie Pink!. It is by Tesco's own makeup range - Barbara Daly and is called Sizzler:

Heres how it looks when on:

It instantly made me feel really girly for wearing it! :)

After a few days of wearing the nail varnish, it began to chip (though i do work in a spar and an off-licence, so that was gonna happen eventually)  so, i decided to do a little art, using No 7's Poolside blue, number 310:

And here was the final result:

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