Thursday, 17 January 2013

Claire's Accessories nail art stamping plates

 Claire's Accessories are now selling nail art products such as Pearl manicure sets and stamping nail art kits. Before Christmas i purchased one of the pearl manicure sets and one of the stamping kits. 

I forgot to take a photo of the stamping kit in its original packaging, please forgive me. The kit consists of 3 plates, a stamper, a scraper and a special white nail polish. Each plate comes with a protective layer on top to stop them getting scraped or damaged, which needs to be removed before using them.

This is the 3 plates i got in my stamping kit:

And here is some close ups of each of the plates: 

Plate One

Plate Two

Plate Three

I painted my nails using Revlon's Matt Suede Emerald City nail polish:

And so far I have tested two of the designs on plate one; the bow and the stars. this is how they turned out:

The plates were very easy to use and the designs lifted perfectly from the plate, onto the stamper and onto my nails. There are a few different stamping kits that are sold by Claire's Accessories and i can't wait to buy the rest.

Has anyone else tried the nail art stamping kits from Claire's Accessories?


  1. I've been struggling to get this to work for ages and failed

    I didn't realise they had a protective cover on them! Now they work amazing!

    1. Glad i could help. With these plates, you wouldnt realise there is a cover. whereas some other plates will have a blue plastic cover. Hope you're enjoying the nail stamping!

  2. i did the same thing, i thought i had wasted my money, i was about to through them out until i realized the plastic was on it :) haha!

    1. Glad you got it to work. im just having trouble now, making sure the design goes on straight on my nail. always ends up to the left of my nail for some reason lol. i need more practice!

  3. I did the same lol. Thank goodness for your blog or theyd br in the bin! Nowhere on it does it say remove clear film

  4. I did the same lol. Thank goodness for your blog or theyd br in the bin! Nowhere on it does it say remove clear film

    1. I know what you mean. I was ready for throwing mine across the room into the bin, when i realised there was a plastic layer on it. I think all stamping plates should state clearly to remove it. xx

  5. Hahaha now I feel like an idiot! I can't believe I didn't realise that's why it wasn't working! I thought it was just shitty quality.

    Thank you so much for this post!


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