Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm back / nails in really bad condition :(

So, it has been a while since I posted about nail polish and nail art and this has been due to a number of reasons. Firstly, I found that my nails were in really bad condition. They were breaking really short and even when they were short they were peeling so badly they peeled back about half way up the nail. They really were in bad shape.  :(  
This has happened to me on previous occasions and normally to fix this I would use a nail strengthener by Avon. However on this occasion, it didn't seem to be working. On the recommendation of the lovely Claire, I decided to try Nail envy by OPI. Although I heard many a good review about this particular product, it unfortunately didn't seem to work for me. :(
Anyone who works in a shop, such as the Spar that I work in, will know just how quickly your hands will get dirty, and I had a habit of grabbing a baby wipe from behind the till to quickly clean my hands. A colleague of mine, Bernie, mentioned that after using the wipes for a period of time, she noticed the condition of her nails was deteriorating, similar to my own. So I have since stopped using them to clean my hands and instead, nip to the bathroom to properly clean my hands.
The second reason for my lack of blogging as been my shift in location of work. My employer also owns a Eurospar, also in Maghera, and previous to this, I have done the odd shift in the Eurospar. Unfortunately one of the butchers took sick and was going to be off work for a number of months. Therefore since I had some training in this area, I was drafted into the butchery in her place. Therefore, with working there 6 days a week, there was only one day of the week in which to paint my nails and combined with the state of my nails, I could probably count on one hand how many times I painted my nails over the last few months. And I think I done nail art only once.
The state of my nails continued to get worse to the point that if anything touched them, or I needed to open a box, it actually hurt to use my nails. So, again, on the advice of the lovely Claire, I decided to try a vitamin supplement for my nails. On a trip into Tesco, I noticed they sold a hair and nails supplement and thought I might as well try it:

Before I had even completed the month's worth of tablets, I noticed a difference in my nails. I then took advantage of an offer on Tesco vitamins - 3 for 2. So I got 3 months worth of tablets for £6.00. My nails are finally beginning to grow, I can see a difference in the strength of them, they don't break as easily, they don't peel anywhere near as much as before and they have a lovely shine again, instead of looking dull and unhealthy. My nails are nearly back to their normal condition but I can definitely say I will be continuing to take this nail supplement. The transformation in my nails is fantastic. It has taken my nails approximately 2.5 months for my nails to get back into shape, that's how bad they had gotten. I really cant recommend these supplements enough.
These supplements can be found in most Tesco's and can be found online Here. Tesco currently have the 3 for 2 offer back on.
On Monday I started a new job, which will be office based work, so hopefully my nails can continue to improve and I can start to paint my nails more often and do more nail art! :)

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