Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pink pearl nail beads and Sally Hansen nail polish

A colleague from work was going on a night out recently and asked me to do their nails. I had bought pearl nail beads before Christmas but had yet to try them out, so when Adele told me her outfit was pink and blue, i thought, what better excuse to try out some of the pearl beads!

So, for the most of Adele's nails, i used Sally Hansen's' Himalayan Blue':

On Adele's thumb nail i painted the lower diagonal half silver using Rimmel's 'Your Majesty':

The following picture is the Pearl nail bead set i purchased from Primark before Christmas:

Here's a wee close up of the beads:

And finally, the following picture shows how the nails turned out: 

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  1. hi....totally love the look....you could try the Bourjois Manicure Toppings next time they have two colours of pearls in the same bottle


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