Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nail Art Stamping Plates…the good and the not so good….

Last week, i posted about the different nail art stamping plates i had recently purchased.
Transformers Smile

I decided to give them a go yesterday before work. For my first attempt, i used the QA4 plate which had transformers on it:


For the nail on my ring finger i used Collection 2000’s Black, number 87, Ebony and to do the stamp i used Rimmel’s Silver, number 239 called ‘Your Majesty.’ For the rest of the nails, i used the Silver by Rimmel and to do the design on the thumb nail i used the black by Collection 2000.

When the nails are painted, the next step was to put the nail polish onto the plate. You don’t need a lot of nail polish to do this, just enough to cover the design:


Once that is done, you scrape off the excess nail polish using your scraper:


Once you have scraped off the excess nail polish, you lift the stamper and press it gently onto the plate and this lifts the design:


Now comes the part that needs to be done fairly quickly. Once the design is on the stamper, you need to quickly put the design onto your nail before it dries. To put it onto your nail, it is best to hold the stamper at one side of the nail and gently roll it across the nail. The design will now be on your nail. Remember to clean the stamper, scraper and plate with nail polish remover, every time you use it.

This is how it turned out:

2012-06-05 16.14.43

I have to admit, it seemed really complicated and i wasn’t sure if i would be able to do it, but it turned out to be easier than i thought it would be. When the nails were dry, I then put a top coat over the two transformers nail art, using Collection 200’s clear nail polish, number 2, called ice cube.

The only thing about the nail art is they aren’t overly straight, though i think it turned out ok, for a first attempt. So overall im really pleased with my Transformers Nail Art.

Care Bears Sad smile

So having done the Transformers on the nails on my left hand, i thought i would give the Care Bears plate, SdP 3, a go, on my right hand:

I painted my nails using the same black and silver colours as i mentioned above.

However, i was not as pleased with the results of this plate as i was with the previous plate. After putting the polish onto the plate and scrapping away the excess, i used the stamper to lift the design. Only, the design wouldn’t lift properly, so i tried again:


It still didn’t lift the design. I then tried several different colours on several of the designs on that plate and still the stamper wouldn’t lift the design. I cleaned the stamper again and still it wouldn’t work. So, I went back to the transformer plate and used the stamper again and it worked fine with it.

So i have now contacted the administration of the website where i purchased the plate to ask if there is a special nail polish i should be using or what the problem could be.


  1. That seems pretty cool missus. I always wondered how exactly these plates worked, maybe now I'll give them a try sometime :)

  2. You should! think im gonna buy few more plates, to give me a variety of designs. I got a reply to my email, asking was i using stamping polish. So im gonna try buying some of that and using it on the care bears plate to see if that works x

  3. I might even open mine now after reading this, ive had a pack in the cupboard for a couple of months and keep putting off opening them after deciding they were too fiddly.

  4. ooh, which plates have u got? ive still nt got the carebear ones to work. im going to have to buy the konad stamping polish to see if it wrks with the plate, otherwise im gnna contact them again x


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